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Our High Performance CargoStraps

High Performance CargoStraps...

Why choose CargoStraps?

Many Ratchet Straps look very similar from one manufacturer to another. We’d like to explain how ours are in fact very different. We have spent many years listening to our customers... We now offer what we believe to be the best value ratchet strap on the market.


1 - Double Sprockets on the Ratchet to help spread the load and increase ease of use!

2 - Fully compliant with EU legislation and EN Rating, EN12195-2:2008

  1. Guaranteed and Insured for complete peace of mind.

4 - Strengthened Ratchet designed for longevity now has Double Sprocket for improved mechanism

  1. Solid Steel Core Handle – but with plastic grip for kinder cold weather handling

  2. All metalwork including the hooks are stamped with breakstrain and CargoStop unique identity markings.

  3. Tear Resistant Blue Label. (Denoting Polyester webbing material) Important information is also printed on a section of the label actually sewn in to the strap. This can prove manufacturer, identity, and age even if the blue label itself has been lost or removed.

  4. Safety Instructions on separate white label also sewn in.

  5. TUV Approved and Certified. Made in a TUV accredited environment.


  1. All ex stock CargoStraps are manufactured in our own highly visible and unmistakeable Pantone®colourway Yellow 124C. As soon as the discerning eye identifies the shade it visualises quality and reliability.

  2. Customers who prefer their own corporate identity can order in any colour or arrange for company details or logos to be printed on the webbing by specific arrangement. Minimum quantities apply – please ask a member of staff.

  3. We add additional Polyurethane during the weaving process. This very subtley resists moisture ingress reducing the increased weight of wet webbing. It also helps to prevent the webbing becoming jammed on the Ratchet in wet weather.

  4. Our 4 Tonne Webbing (Lc2000daN) has a breaking strain of 6000kg

  5. Our 5 Tonne Webbing (Lc2500daN) has a breaking strain of 7500kg

  6. You can tell at a distance the difference between our 4 Tonne Webbing and 5 Tonne webbing because the 4 Tonne has 4 lines of black stitching and the 5 Tonne has 5 lines of black stitching. BEWARE not all manufacturers comply with this unwritten rule – so please check on the Blue Label for the true strength of webbing if it is not a CargoStop product!

  7. Tear resistant Blue Label. Made from embossed vinyl to resist tearout and increase longevity of conformity.


  1. Do not allow the webbing to come into contact with any chemicals or liquids that could be harmful to them BEFORE EACH USE – VISIBLY INSPECT

  2. Ensure that the Blue Labels are intact and legible – If they are NOT – the CargoStrap should be removed from service as it will no longer comply with the safety standard

  3. Check that there are no cuts or abrasions to the webbing, and that the webbing has not been stained or wetted with any unknown or harmful to the webbing substance

  4. Check that there are no knots

  5. Check that there are no signs of the material having been stretched – for instance elongated stitches, or the webbing width reduced for a section .

  6. Do not under any circumstances use a lever bar to increase the tension of your CargoStraps. They are designed to give optimum performance tightening by hand.

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