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ProPole Attachments


You will notice that each of the head attachments are no longer clipped into the ProPole!

We have redesigned the locking mechanism to our complete range, replacing it with a screw fitting made from virtually indestructable nylon. The new screw part on the head attachment and the screw part on the ProPole screw together to provide a very sturdy and long-lasting system.

Each attachment has been careful designed to work seamlessly with our ProPoles and cargo protection, lifting and securing products to guarantee the safety of your people and your cargo.

Find out more about the individual attachments below, we really do have a solution to suit you, whatever your need! We have made a number of specialist head attachments to suit customers bespoke needs so feel free to get in touch if you have a specific requirement!

From £ 23.96
From £ 32.00
From £ 25.88
From £ 34.82
From £ 12.91
From £ 13.04
From £ 38.88
From £ 14.39
From £ 14.39
From £ 22.92
From £ 20.98
From £ 20.47
From £ 28.95
From £ 24.16
From £ 29.54
From £ 15.02
From £ 15.02

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